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J Consulting is Jennifer McLeod's pediatric occupational therapy practice. They are committed to meeting the needs of children and their families, and they focus on providing a highly individualized, multi-faceted, and holistic treatment approach that honours each child's skills while also addressing areas of need.

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J Consulting and Jennifer's clinic are located in beautiful Willis Point on the Saanich Inlet. The clinic occupies the ground floor of a home and offers views of the ocean and surrounding arbutus trees through floor-to-ceiling windows. This tranquil and calming environment promotes a sense of intimate connection with nature.

The space is a playful and inviting therapeutic environment filled with equipment that promotes physical development and provides "just right" challenges for honing motor planning skills and building confidence. The clinic provides opportunities to engage in a wide variety of sensory input, as well as carefully selected activities that stress the development of cognitive and social skills.

Associate: Brooken Sayers of KNOT

J Consulting and their associate, Brooken Sayers of Kids' Nature-based Occupational Therapy (KNOT), share a common philosophy of practice. They have partnered to provide families with access to a wide range of intervention styles, from clinic-based sessions to home visits to immersive intervention in nature.

Brooken and KNOT offer families and children an alternative to the clinic setting. Brooken recognizes the powerful influence that fresh air and outdoor exploratory play have on motor development and children's ability to self-regulate. With an emphasis on vigorous, active movement through play, children are able to ready their bodies and minds for new learning. Brooken is available to meet families at local community parks, playgrounds, and beaches. Home visits are also available to meet the needs of families, ideally utilizing the outdoor space available within their neighbourhoods.

About Jennifer

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Jennifer McLeod of J Consulting has extensive training in many areas related to pediatric occupational therapy and child development. She believes an eclectic approach allows more individualized, holistic treatment tailored to each child, family, and situation. Jennifer has a passion for learning in order to provide the most effective, current, and meaningful therapy services to children and their families.

Jennifer received her training in O.T. at the University of Manitoba and graduated in 1977. She completed a master's degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Victoria in 1996. She has worked in various settings, including Early Intervention, schools, and private practice. Jennifer is certified to administer the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test and has trained extensively on sensory processing disorders (SPD). She has completed the Level I Mentorship Program at the STAR Institute for SPD. She is currently completing the Self-Reg Foundations Certificate, which is a four-course online program with Dr. Stuart Shanker and Susan Hopkins.

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Jennifer is also passionate about working with diverse populations. She's been involved in health projects in Africa and Indonesia and has worked to develop O.T. programs in Kuwait for children with neuro-developmental challenges.

Her current areas of practice include supporting families of children with regulation disorders and also children with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), learning difficulties, and mild to moderate motor challenges. Jennifer welcomes all inquiries and will attempt to assist families by redirecting them to other resources and service providers, if needed.

When not working or traveling, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, hiking, kayaking, and passing on her love of the great outdoors.

Jennifer's Professional Focus

Jennifer's Professional Certifications


Three children playing on a platform swing

Evaluation: Can include assessment of fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual processing and visual motor skills, written output, and clinical observations. This is usually indicated for all new clients, especially those with no previous OT report. Reports are very comprehensive, with results, clinical reasoning, OT goals, and recommendations. Assessments require at least 4 hours with your child and then the completion of numerous checklists and an initial intake with your family.

Treatment: Following an evaluation, treatment based on OT goals is available for children who are experiencing sensory motor or perceptual delays and/or disruptions in achievement of developmental tasks. Children can be seen once per week or every second week for individual treatment, with sessions usually an hour long. Although infrequent, mileage will be charged in addition to the treatment fee if treatment occurs offsite. There is a minimum one-hour charge for offsite treatments.

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Consultation: Available to parents/caregivers by phone or in person. Consultation is also available to programs or agencies, such as school and developmental day care programs, and with VIHA therapists. It may be recommended for children receiving therapy in order to provide continuity and more comprehensive services. It may also be recommended as a follow-up to evaluation and/or screening. Jennifer is able to suggest referrals to other pediatric consultants and community resources. There is a minimum one-hour charge (plus mileage) for offsite consultations.

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer can be contacted by phone at 250-415-7259, or by email at jennifer@victoriapediatricOT.com.

The clinic is located at 6805 Mark Lane, Victoria, B.C. V9E 2A1.

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