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Jennifer McLeod’s office and OT clinic is located near Butchart Gardens in Victoria-Willis Point and is a private pediatric occupational therapy practice committed to meeting the needs of children. Jennifer focuses on providing an evidence based, highly individualized, multi-faceted and holistic treatment approach to ensure that each child's needs are met. Jennifer’s clients are children, of all ages, mostly attending regular classes who present with mild to severe difficulties in the following areas: fine motor, gross motor, visual motor integration, visual perception, sensory integration, social, and handwriting skills.

Jennifer McLeod OT(C), completed her training in Occupational Therapy in 1977, then graduated with an MA in educational psychology-special education in 1995. Since 1980 she has worked as pediatric OT. Since that time she has practiced continuously, both treating and consulting in a variety of pediatric settings including Early Intervention, School Therapy programs, private schools and private practice. Jennifer has worked in the Middle East for 3 years in setting up and developing pediatric OT programs in Kuwait. She is certified in the administration of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test and has extensive training in sensory processing disorders and treatment, and completed an advanced clinical mentorship with Lucy Miller and staff and the STAR Centre in Denver, Colorado. Jennifer is has had some exposure to Greenspan’s DIR Model and the use of floor time as an intervention; she is certified in the Vital Links Therapeutic Listening Program.

The clinic is a playful and inviting therapeutic environment with sensory integration equipment that can provide a range of opportunities for sensory input, while promoting physical development, challenging motor planning skills, as well as increasing confidence for developing cognitive and social skills.

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