1. Evaluation: Can include assessment of fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual processing and visual motor skills, written output and clinical observations. This is usually indicated for all new clients, especially those with no previous OT report. Reports are very comprehensive, with results, clinical reasoning, OT goals and recommendations. Assessments will require at least 4 hours with your child and then numerous checklists and an initial intake to be completed with the family.
  2. Re-evaluation: This is for children currently involved in therapy. Re-evaluations will be conducted periodically to assess progress and determine future needs or goals and/or to discharge from OT treatment. Periodic re-evaluations may also be recommended to monitor progress following discharge from treatment.
  3. Treatment: Following an evaluation, treatment is available for children who are experiencing sensory motor or perceptual delays and-or disruptions in achievement of developmental tasks based on OT goals. Children can be seen once per week, or every second week for individual treatment with sessions usually an hour long. Although infrequent, if treatment occurs offsite, mileage will be charged in addition to the treatment fee. There is a minimum one hour charge for offsite treatments.

  4. Intensive: An intensive therapy may be recommended for your child in order to maximize the effects of treatment. In an intensive treatment the frequency, intensity and duration of therapy are increased over a relatively short period of time. Often this is a good choice if a child seems to have plateaued or needs a “jump start”. This is also a good option for clients who have to travel a long distance to the clinic.
  5. Consultation: Available to parents/caregivers by phone or in person. Consultation is also available to programs or agencies, such as school and developmental day care programs, and with VIHA therapists. This may be recommended for children receiving therapy in order to provide continuity and more comprehensive services. Consultation may also be recommended as a follow up to evaluation and/or screening. Jennifer is able to offer suggestions regarding referrals to other pediatric consultants and community resources. There is a minimum one hour charge (plus mileage charge) for offsite consultations.